There are many questions that Melbourne unit owners as such as these:

I will be leasing out my first unit shortly in a block of units in Melbourne we have purchased, and I’m just wondering about a particular issue. There are 4 units on the block all sharing one meter. But when the unit is rented out is this an issue, or will the water company deal with it.

Answer: My understanding is that unless the place has it’s own meter you will have to pay the water usage charge, which you will be paying anyway. If it has it’s own meter then the water company can send the water usage charge directly to the tenant. At least that is the situation for a unit watermeter Melbourne.

If you have any questions about a unit watermeter Melbourne residents can simply call Aspiring Plumbing to get the right advise and arrange the installation of a water meter for your units or flats in Melbourne. Contact them today for a no obligation cost estimate for a unit watermeter Melbourne residents will love. Fill in our contact form here -> Contact Us

Why you need to speak to the best water meter Brisbane provider.

If you live in Brisbane and you need to have your water meter installed or replaced, you need to go with the best plumbing service and water meter Brisbane wide provider in the area: Aspiring Plumbing Services. With years of experience and countless satisfied customers, we have earned the trust of clients and the respect of our peers when it comes to installing water meters as well as providing a range of other plumbing services.

Did you know? Here are a couple of things that might convince you to pick up the phone.

For any water fixtures produced from 2005 on-wards, the easiest way to check if they meet the required efficiency standard is to look for products with a WELS rating of three stars or higher. WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labeling scheme which rates fixtures including taps, shower heads and toilets according to water efficiency – the more stars the better.
When you hire Aspiring Plumbing Services to install your water meter, you’re making sure that your water meter is installed properly. Faulty installation can result in further damage to your property and drastically shortening the life span of your water meter. When our licensed plumber works on your meter, you’re getting the best kind of plumbing service, and a fully compliant water meter.

Long Term Investment
We already offer one of the most competitive prices in the area but that doesn’t mean that we’re the cheapest. There are still those who will offer their services dirt cheap, but when you go with plumbers who are almost providing their services for free, you have no guarantee that they’ll do a good job. They might end up costing you more money in the long run. We however guarantee to do a great job, one that you can rely on. Our services are a long term investment.

Friendly Customer Service
We love providing the best plumbing services in our areas, it’s what we do. And because we are having a great time doing a great job every time, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the experience as well. Our plumbers know how to smile and give a firm handshake, just as much as they know how to fix a busted pipe. Have your water meter replaced and make friends in the process.

Does Everything Else
So maybe you need more than just your water meter installed or replaced. At Aspiring Plumbing Services, we have you covered for most plumbing tasks, from fixing leaking taps to planning and installing your hot water system, we have the manpower and the equipment necessary to accomplish all those plumbing tasks. You don’t have to hire more than one contractor when our plumber is on the job.
To take advantage of the quality service for a water meter Melbourne residents are talking about, give Aspiring Plumbing Services a call today and find out how they can help you.

The Best Emergency Plumber Gold Coast Residents Trust

A plumbing emergency can easily ruin everyone’s day or, if the emergency really caught you in a bad time, evening. It is a good thing then that there’s an emergency plumber Gold Coast residents can call on during these surprise plumbing emergencies. Aspiring Plumbing Services is the one you can count on to solve these instant plumbing problems and save the day.

Licensed Experts
Only the best plumbers will be working on the problem. It is your property after all, and that’s why Aspiring Plumbing Services will send only the best licensed plumber to your home. And when we say experts, we mean experts. Aspiring Plumbing Services’ plumbers have the know-how and the experience needed to get the job done. Where others might fall short, our licensed plumbers are guaranteed to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

Prompt and Reliable Service
An emergency is an emergency and you expect the solution to be fast. Aspiring Plumbing Services is known for providing prompt and reliable plumbing repairs and maintenance services. When you need it fast and done right, you can rely on our plumbers to accomplish the task. Don’t let an inexperienced plumber’s haste lead to more waste for you, trust only experienced providers with your property.

Wide Range of Services
Whatever your problem might be – a busted hot water system, a leaking faucet, a burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom – Aspiring Plumbing Services has got you covered. We provide services for a wide range of plumbing installation, repair and maintenance. Not only do our experts deliver the best results, rarely are they ever surprised when they go to a home and encounter the problem. So whatever type of plumbing solutions you might need, Aspiring Plumbing Services has the answers for you.

Honest, Honest, Honest
Aside from our very friendly and polite plumbers, another thing that our clients love about Aspiring Plumbing Services is the honesty. We believe this is still the best policy and we provide nothing but honest diagnosis and pricing. Before any of our plumbers start, they will inform you regarding the task that needs to be done. Only when you give the go-ahead will they start solving the problem.

These are just some of the reasons why Aspiring Plumbing Services is the emergency plumber Gold Coast residents call for quick and reliable plumbing solutions. To find out more about the services that we provide – emergency or not – simply give us a callwe’d love to chat with you.

Gold Coast Plumbing

Quality Gold Coast plumbing services and solutions

Plumbing problems? Don’t let these bother you, now or in the near future by calling the experts when it comes to providing quality Gold Coast plumbing solutions and services: Aspiring Plumbing Services.
From finally fixing that clogged kitchen sink or making sure your water heater is working properly, Aspiring Plumbing Services has the manpower, equipment, experience and gusto needed to get the job done properly.Why go with the folks at Aspiring Plumbing Services?
Honestly speaking, there are a lot of plumbers out there claiming to be the best there is at what we do. Here’s what makes us and our team of plumbers a tad more different when it comes to Gold Coast plumbing work.

Plumbing Experts
Each plumber that is going to inspect and work on your property are all licensed experts. They can provide advice, and make quick and spot-on on-the-spot diagnosis. On top of that, our plumbers deliver fast and reliable repairs that are sure to stay repaired.

Quality Equipment
Aspiring Plumbing Services’ plumbers also work with the best plumbing equipment in the industry. This is one of the reasons why our plumbers are able to deliver the kind of work that they do. After all, it’s your property that we will be working on so Aspiring Plumbing Services means to use only the best equipment and materials to get the job done.

Reliable Results
With quality equipment in the hands of experienced plumbers, is it any wonder that a lot of our clients are pretty satisfied with the kind of work that Aspiring Plumbing Services delivers? Specialising in all types of plumbing maintenance and repair work, Aspiring Plumbing Services aims to deliver only the best plumbing services in the Gold Coast area.

Warm and Friendly
Nobody wants to invite strangers into their homes. That’s why all our plumbers have warm and friendly personalities. Whether you’re talking with them on the phone or discussing billing and payment information, you will be having a great experience working with us to solve all of your plumbing problems.

We Save You Money
Aside from charging you only very competitive rates and prices, Aspiring Plumbing Services is also able to help you save money. How so? Well, by guaranteeing to provide only reliable plumbing services that will stay working for a long while, you’ll be saving money on repairs and maintenance. Some plumbers may charge you even lower rates, but you might lose more money in the long run when the same problem happens again in the near future.
With Aspiring Plumbing Services, you’re investing not only in your home but in your peace of mind. So give us a call today and find out more about our Gold Coast plumbing services.

Advantages of a separate water meter Brisbane residents should know about


Whether you are living in a multi-unit apartment or in a house that shares a water meter with another house, you really should get a separate water meter. Why? Well, here are the important advantages of a separate water meter Brisbane residents such as you should know about.

Accurate Water Consumption Readings
If your sharing a meter with another tenant or household, chances are one of you is paying more than he or she should be. You might want to think that it’s you that’s being shortchanged in this deal, but without a separate water meter, there’s really no way of knowing for sure. With a separate water meter for each household or separate sub meters for each unit however, accurate water readings can be done.

Accurate Water Charges
With accurate water consumption readings come accurate water charges. And if you so happen to be the one who was paying more than you actually should be, then good for you. However, if you discovered you were the wasteful one, then it’s time to start rethinking about how you use your water.

Saves Your Money
Aside from saving you from the headache that you might get trying to discuss water payments with your fellow tenants or landlord, a separate water meter can also end up saving you a lot of money. With the readings more accurate now than they ever were before, you will be charged properly for the water that you consume. You can also further save money by cutting down on your water consumption.

Good for the Environment

Speaking of saving water, a separate water meter is also good for Mother Nature. Because consumers have more incentive now to save water, this is actually going to be a good thing for the environment. Brisbane residents might have different reasons why they will be saving water when they have their separate water meters installed, but the fact remains that any amount of water that is saved, is good for the environment. Water reserves are in danger of running out because of overpopulation and other reasons, so it’s always a good thing when someone saves water.
These are just some of the advantages of a separate water meter Brisbane residents are currently enjoying. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the said benefits as well. So if you want to save yourself from the headache and free yourself from having to deal with your wasteful neighbour, give Aspiring Plumbing Services a call today.

Sydney Smart Water Meter Benefits

When you live with a Sydney smart water meter installation should provide you and your household with a number of advantages and benefits. Find out more why you should have this wonderful and helpful gadget installed in your home.

What’s a Smart Water Meter?
A smart water meter is basically a normal water meter that tracks the amount of water that you use as well as other water related variables. Installed in condos, apartments and in your home in Sydney smart water meter units can very well change the way that everyone is using water.
Still wondering what’s so special about the smart water meter? Well, here are a couple of advantages that you will enjoy with a smart water meter installed in your home.

Real Time Information
Unlike your regular water bill, which doesn’t provide you with detailed and timely information regarding your water consumption, a smart water meter is able to provide you with almost instantaneous and updated water consumption information. This is the kind of information that can easily empower and encourage users to save water and money.

More Incentive to Save
Because you are more aware of the amount of water that you might be using (or wasting), you will have more incentive to start controlling the amount of water that you use. Sometimes, because everybody is in a hurry, thinking about the water that you use when you take a bath, brush, wash our car, or do your laundry, among other things, is the last thing on your mind. With updated and accurate water consumption information, you might get the push that you need to save more water.

More Accurate Billing
Admit it: one of the main reasons why anyone would consider having a smart water meter installed in their property is to get more accurate billing information. This, of course, means that you will be paying for the water that you actually consume. If you’re the kind who saves water and uses it properly, then you are surely going to love having a smart water meter installed in your home.

Better for the Environment
Having a smart water meter and enjoying the advantages that it brings is also doing the environment a lot of good. Because you are able to get real time water information, you can easily find out if your home or property has a leak that you might not be aware of. Smart water metering is also convincing Sydney residents to start saving water, which is also obviously a very good thing for Mother Nature. The money that you save can also be used to help the environment.

Aspiring Plumbing Services: The Sydney Water Meter Replacement Expert

When in Sydney water meter replacement needs aren’t much of a problem when you call in the resident expert: Aspiring Plumbing Services. But with all the plumbers in Sydney claiming they are the best when it comes to water meter replacement, how can you be sure that we are the one that can get the job done?

Here’s why.

Licensed and Experienced Plumbers
When we say that the plumbers who will be working on your property are experts, we guarantee that they are experts. In fact, they’ve got the license and the experience to prove it. This is just another way that we ensure that the services we provide for your home or property are nothing but simply the best.

Prompt and Reliable Results
If speed is of the essence and you want the job done as soon as possible, then you don’t have to worry at all. Aspiring Plumbing Services provides fast and efficient water meter replacement services for residential, commercial and even industrial properties. Aside providing prompt services, we also guarantee that the services our plumbers will deliver to your home or office are top notch and reliable.

Friendly Customer Service
From the moment that you pick up the phone and say Hello, we’ve made sure that you are going to have a pleasant and enjoyable time working with us. Needing to have your water meter replaced can start out to be a stressful problem, but it doesn’t have to continue on like that. More importantly, it doesn’t have to end on a stressful tone. Here at Aspiring Plumbing Services, we believe that friendly and polite plumbers can lead to very happy clients.

Complete Plumbing Service
Installing and repairing water meters aren’t the only thing that Aspiring Plumbing Services provides services for. We provide a full range of plumbing maintenance and repair services and solutions. If you need more than just your water meter replaced, you don’t have to call in another contractor to get the jobs done. Whether you need a leaking kitchen tap repaired, or the drains near your driveway are blocked and flooding the garage, or you’re having problem with your hot water system, Aspiring Plumbing Services has you covered.
When you live in Sydney water meter replacement problems are a thing of the past. Get the services from nothing else but the best. Call Aspiring Plumbing Services to solve all of your plumbing needs.

Best Gold Coast apartment water meter installation provider

Installing an apartment meter means a more organised and more transparent means of finding out just how much water the whole building consumes. However, if the meter isn’t installed properly, a lot of problems might arise from the faulty installation. This is where Aspiring Plumbing Services comes in.
Armed with the experience and equipment necessary to accomplish the task, Aspiring Plumbing Services is able to continually provide the best Gold Coast apartment water meter installation and maintenance services in the area.

And here’s how we do it:

Proper Installation
It might sound easy, but installing a properly functioning water meter in any apartment is not a task for the meek-of-heart, or at least for the untrained. For instance, if you are retrofitting an apartment meter or a sub meter, you’ll need to work with the already existing plumbing system. An inexperienced plumber might end up doing more harm than good and that goes double if you decide to do it yourself. So hands off the monkey wrench, pick up the phone and dial us instead.

Quick and Reliable
Aspiring Plumbing Services
can also get the job done fast. If water is being wasted because of busted pipes or a water meter isn’t functioning properly, our plumbers can be on site in no time. Aspiring Plumbing Services’ licensed plumbers can also figure out the solution to your problem in no time at all. But don’t let all that speed bother you, all the work that our expert plumbers deliver are guaranteed to be done properly and using only the best equipment and materials.

Competitive Pricing
Fast and quality services from one of the most trusted names in the plumbing industry? You might be thinking that this is going to ruin your budget, but nothing can be farther than the truth. In fact, one of the things that Aspiring Plumbing Services prides itself upon is being able to deliver top notch plumbing services, specifically Gold Coast apartment water meter installation, even to those who have a tight budget.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing
Ever found yourself with a plumbing nightmare in the middle of the night? Now you don’t have to worry about it because you can easily call Aspiring Plumbing Services to deliver the appropriate plumbing service needed to solve your emergency problems. If something suddenly damages your water meter, our plumbers can easily provide the remedy.
Get a water meter installed in your apartment today. Call Aspiring Plumbing Services to find out more about how we can help you.

Why smart landlords should get an expert to retrofit their water meters

Most landlords know they can legally pass on any water charges to their tenants, but those in the know understand that there is a way to be fair to each tenant when it comes to their water consumption charges. And that is by taking advantage of Aspiring Plumbing Service’s top notch solutions to retrofit water meter Brisbane wide.
If you need more convincing to decide why you should get your multi-unit apartment sub-metered, here are a couple of advantages of a retrofitted water meter.

Save Money
When you retrofit a sub-meter into an existing building, it might seem that you are losing money in the process. In the long run however, since each tenant will be given the right water reading and will be paying for the water that they actually consumed, you can end up saving money.

Save the Environment
Aside from saving money, tenants will also start saving more water and using it more responsibly. This new found responsibility, brought by the newly retrofitted water meters, in turn helps in protecting the environment. Water is a precious resource and saving water, no matter how small a gesture it might seem, can help prevent future shortages and droughts. Who would have thought that when landlords take advantage of our services to retrofit water meter Brisbane wide, that they would end up doing their part to preserve the environment and the natural resource we call water.

Keep Your Sanity
Sharing just one meter with other tenants when you live in a multi-unit dwelling can really give you a hard time. After all, there’s no reason why others will have to pay their fair share when they think the other tenants are using up more water than they are. And when nobody’s saving water and instead using up too much of it, the rent will have to be raised to cover for the water charges. If the tenants think this is too much stress, just imagine how much headache it can be for the landlords, such as you. Keep your sanity intact by retrofitting a sub-meter in each unit.

Professional Results
Whether you need Aspiring Plumbing Services to retrofit sub meters into your apartment or you simply need us to quiet a leaking faucet, you will always end up getting professional results. So if you want a fully functional and properly working meter, simply call Aspiring Plumbing Services today.

When to replace your water meter?

When it comes time to replace water meter Sydney residents know just exactly who to call for quality plumbing solutions and services. But exactly when to have their meters replaced can sometimes still baffle home owners and tenants alike. Here are a couple of pointers to help you determine whether it’s time to replace your water meter or not.

When your water charges are too high
When your water bill doesn’t reflect the amount of water that you consume, there’s a good chance that there’s something wrong with your water meter. Keep in mind that once your water meter gives you the wrong reading, there’s always someone paying for it. Aspiring Plumbing Services can help ensure that you’re only paying for the water that you actually consume by providing reliable water meter replacement services.

When they’re more than 15 years old
Water meters tend to lose their accuracy as they age. When your beloved water meter turns 15 years old, it’s time to think about replacing the old timer as this might be costing you money without you knowing about it. When it’s reached 20 years you just might be required to change it even if you don’t want to. When you move in to an old house, you should check the age of your water meter to find out if it needs replacing.

When you want real-time water readings
If you’re the more OC type of water consumer and you’re looking to record, in real-time, just how much water your household is consuming then you probably want to change your standard water meter with the more modern smart water meter. Measuring the amount of water that you consume just as accurately as your standard water meter, the smart version will provide you with information whenever you want it. Great for keeping a closer watch over your water consumption.

When you’re sharing a meter with others
Residents living in a multi-unit apartment sometimes need to share one water meter with the rest of the tenants. This could lead to a lot of problems for everyone involved. More installing a sub-meter than actually replacing that one meter the whole building uses, installing a separate meter for each apartment unit makes for more accurate and fair water readings. If you’re tired with paying for the water your wasteful neighbour consumes, then you need to install a separate water meter.
When it comes to replace water meter Sydney wide there’s one name that everyone can trust: Aspiring Plumbing Services. Give us a call if you need your water meter replaced and we’ll get the job done fast and expertly.