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Aspiring Plumbing November Comment: Are you thinking of buying a home?


Buying a home is a dream that most Australian’s seek to do. This is for a range of reasons some of which include: security, stability, investment opportunities, and somewhere to build a family. The process of purchasing a home involves a number of checks and balances prior to the final signing over of the property. Some of the more traditional ways to scrutinize the value and condition of the property are: pest and building inspections (i.e. termites and structural integrity); and checking that any alterations made to the home are compliant with Australian Building Standards BSA…..,; Those are the things you can see, but what about the things that you can’t see?

Have you considered the structural condition of your pipe work underground? Here in lies a possible dilemma if not addressed appropriately. Broken and damaged pipe work from tree roots underneath concrete paths, and driveways can lead to a repair bill that can lead into the thousands. Movement underground caused by heavy rains and drought periods can also cause considerable damage.

A recent survey on a property in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast resulted in a $4, 500 repair bill that the vendor deducted from the sale price.

Aspiring Plumbing offers this service and peace of mind for as little as a few hundred dollars.  So, given the potential cost involved in over-looking this survey it makes sense to add this inspection to your to do list, and avoid out of pocket expenses. Can you afford not to?

Hennessy Building Projects have been using the services of Aspiring Plumbing for the past 12 years both overseas working on projects in the United Kingdom and here on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Aspiring Plumbing has always provided us with an exceptional service with reliability and industry knowledge, always keeping high quality workmanship as their main focus on all projects.

Along with being extremely competitive on pricing, they have always prided themselves on using high quality products and installation systems to ensure value for money to us, and of course, the clients we work for.

Hennessy Building Projects looks forward to all future dealings with Aspiring Plumbing for peace of mind on all projects.

Aaron Hennessy

I live in a older property so I have more regular need for a plumber than most people would and often call Shane from Aspiring Plumbing. Thankfully Shane always comes to the rescue to fix any leaks I may have, he is always prompt and very efficient with his work and I would have no problem giving a recommendation to use Aspiring Plumbing to anyone needing a plumber on the Gold Coast.

Kind regards,
Manda Stainlay – Gold Coast

I had just moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne and bought a 1970’s house to renovate. I was looking for a plumber, and my builder recommended Aspiring Plumbing. I’m glad he did, as I have never looked back. Nothing is too hard for Shane, and I always feel bad asking him to do work under my house, as its really tight down there – but it’s never a problem.

Shane has come out with some cracking ideas I would never have thought of, so am now the proud owner of an awesome outside shower, and have a super cool rain fall shower in my amazing bathroom. Both of these are things I would never have thought of.

Shane also cares about his customers. I was getting some concrete cut outside, and I thought I was miles away from my services, and pool plumbing. But I wasn’t and I managed to get my pool line and waste cut too. I rang Shane and explained my predicament. He told me exactly what to do to stop the leaks and was at the house in no time. When he fixed my waste, he explained that not enough fall had been put in the pipe, and I have 30years of soap powder building up in my pipes. He installed an access section to the cut, as I will need to have these power cleaned soon.

I whole heartedly recommend Aspiring Plumbing, and would never think of using anyone else.
Neil McIntosh – Mermaid Beach QLD