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Aspiring Plumbing November Comment: Are you thinking of buying a home?


Buying a home is a dream that most Australian’s seek to do. This is for a range of reasons some of which include: security, stability, investment opportunities, and somewhere to build a family. The process of purchasing a home involves a number of checks and balances prior to the final signing over of the property. Some of the more traditional ways to scrutinize the value and condition of the property are: pest and building inspections (i.e. termites and structural integrity); and checking that any alterations made to the home are compliant with Australian Building Standards BSA…..,; Those are the things you can see, but what about the things that you can’t see?

Have you considered the structural condition of your pipe work underground? Here in lies a possible dilemma if not addressed appropriately. Broken and damaged pipe work from tree roots underneath concrete paths, and driveways can lead to a repair bill that can lead into the thousands. Movement underground caused by heavy rains and drought periods can also cause considerable damage.

A recent survey on a property in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast resulted in a $4, 500 repair bill that the vendor deducted from the sale price.

Aspiring Plumbing offers this service and peace of mind for as little as a few hundred dollars.  So, given the potential cost involved in over-looking this survey it makes sense to add this inspection to your to do list, and avoid out of pocket expenses. Can you afford not to?