Great advantages of a water sub meter Gold Coast apartment residents enjoy


Aspiring Plumbing Services provides top notch installation services for a water sub meter Gold Coast wide and residents living in apartments are enjoying a number of fantastic benefits. A sub meter is an additional and smaller meter that is installed in individual apartment units in a multi-unit dwelling. Here are some advantages and benefits that some Gold Coast residents are enjoying.

Accurate Water Bill
In the old setup where there was just one main water meter for the whole building (no matter how many sub-units the apartment might have), landlords weren’t able to determine just how much water each individual tenant was consuming. One tenant might be wasting water while another might not even be home that often, thus consuming very little water. And because the water charges are reflected in the rent, everyone’s rents are going to increase even if it is just one tenant who is wasting water. With a sub meter installed for each unit, everyone’s water consumption will be accurately recorded.

Tenants Become More Responsible
Because the water consumption is more visible (and because water charges will be more accurate), every tenant will become more responsible when it comes to water consumption. This newfound responsibility that comes with installing a sub meter in every unit not only benefits the apartment as a whole but also the environment. With more sub meters installed in more apartments, more water will be saved.

Rent Becomes Stable
Because landlords are bound by law not to pass on water charges to his or her tenant without a sub-meter installed, the landlord is forced to increase the rent to cover the water bill. With this old system, just one tenant who is wasteful with water can increase everyone’s rent. If this continues, what can happen is that tenants will not bother keeping their water consumption in check. This will further result in the rent going up. With a sub meter installed in each unit, tenants will be able to enjoy a more stable rent.

Help the Environment
When anyone saves water, no matter how small the amount, it still ends up helping Mother Nature. Energy can always be reproduced easily, but water is one of the commodities that isn’t easily produced. Responsible water use can help save everyone’s water supply and even prevent future droughts and water shortages.
Enjoy the same advantages brought by a water sub meter Gold Coast residents are enjoying by calling Aspiring Plumbing Services today. We’d love to talk with you about how we can install sub meters for your apartment units.